Are you tired of wrestling with software when you should be writing? 


It's 2018. We live in an age where technology is king! Managing all our ideas is tough enough on its own. Shouldn't the software we use make it as easy and fun as possible to transform our ideas into a screenplay? It's time for a change!

Are you ready to trade frustration for fun? So are we! 

Here at SoCreate, we have made it our goal to do things differently than your traditional screenwriting software. Our mission is to create a cloud-based, user-friendly screenwriting platform that allows writers of all experience levels to easily manage their entire writing project, from the first idea or inspiration all the way to the completed, polished screenplay. 

We are looking for a group of passionate screenwriters, both new and experienced, to help us on our journey to revolutionize screenwriting by joining our Exclusive Private Beta list! We want to hear what you think -- your opinions, needs, and desires for writing software that works for you. It is free to join; all you need to sign-up is an active email address! 

While most features of the SoCreate platform are still under wraps until our beta launch, we can tell you this much: The SoCreate platform will completely REVOLUTIONIZE the way we write screenplays. With our platform, you will be able to: 

1. Easily manage your ENTIRE screenwriting project from inspiration to completion.

Eliminate jumping around from your brain, paper notes, and multiple programs. The SoCreate platform allows you to do it ALL within one application. From the moment inspiration strikes, through the brainstorming process, the writing, the formatting, the editing, and the completed product - you can do it all with our platform. 

2. Forget the frustrations you've experienced with existing software. 

We know! Some other software can sure be complicated and frustrating to use, but we are here to keep it simple. Everything from our user interface to our policies and procedures will be fun and easy to use. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver our writers a clean, clear, and elegant platform. 

3. Allow your creativity to flow in a new, unbounded way! 

You, the writers, are our guides and inspiration through this entire journey. We have examined our own writing experiences and worked closely with screenwriters across the globe to ensure our platform serves the needs of screenwriters of all backgrounds and skill levels. It's time to stop letting software boundaries dictate how we write and start letting our ideas take the reins! 

DON'T MISS OUT! Help us REVOLUTIONIZE screenwriting! 

Sign up for our beta list today using the form on this page to get the earliest possible access to this new world of screenwriting possibilities! 

We are planning to launch our Private Beta later this year! 

NOTE: Space is limited, so be sure to sign-up now. 

We can't wait to share SoCreate with you! 


Cheers to you, writers! 
Alli Unger, Director of Community Outreach