To say Darryl Yeo is a high-achiever is an understatement. As a Cal Poly University freshman, Darryl is the youngest member of our software engineering team. However, what our newest intern lacks in years on earth, he makes up for through his dedicated, industrious approach to learn-by-doing.  

SoCreate Intern Darryl Yeo

“I was hooked into computer programming when I was introduced to Scratch in 5th grade,” Darryl saidScratch, a project of the MIT Media Lab, allows users to program their own interactive stories, games, and animation“I am very project driven and learn best when I can make something as I go.”  

After dabbling in Objective-C and learning some basic JavaScript, Darryl said he spent a lot of his free time programming animations, games, and generative art on Khan Academy's computer programming platform, teaching and inspiring students within its online community along the way. Later, he started a personal WordPress site and began tinkering with code, which led him into a deep-dive into web development technologies including HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript DOM API, and PHP.  

“Since then, I’ve kept pace with the ever-changing landscape of web development through side projects,” he said. 

But side project no more, Darryl joins SoCreate to work on a large-scale software project with our team of expert engineers. “By immersing myself into the technologies, tools, and workflows used at SoCreate, I hope to learn lots of technical and team communication skills that will be essential to my future as a professional software engineer. 

Darryl, who’s majoring in computer sciencealso “dabbles” in violin and music arrangement from time to time, from orchestral to electronic and jazz. But he said he’s drawn to computer programming because it grants him powerful abilities. “I can build useful tools, organize information in new ways, or create spectacular experiences,” he said. “With computer code, I can let my imagination run free, and my most wild, abstract ideas take shape in the virtual realm.”  

We’re thrilled to welcome Darryl to the team, and we can’t wait to see what he thinks of next.  

Bring on those ideas! 

Courtney Meznarich, Director of Community Outreach