“Give me the f***ing software! Give me access to it as soon as possible.” – Screenwriter Adam G. Simon, reacting to SoCreate Platform demonstration

It’s rare that we allow anyone to see how the SoCreate Screenwriting Platform works. We fiercely protect it for a few reasons: We don’t want anyone to attempt to copy it, and then deliver a sub-par product to screenwriters; The software needs to be perfect before we release it – we want to prevent future frustrations for screenwriters, not cause them; Lastly, we’re certain that the platform is worth the wait. We’re revolutionizing screenwriting over here! Rome wasn’t built in a day 😊

But every now and then, we take the opportunity to demo SoCreate to working screenwriters to make sure we’re on the right track. And, as expected, we still are! Screenwriter Adam G. Simon, most known for Man Down starring Shia LaBeouf, recently toured SoCreate headquarters in San Luis Obispo, CA and experienced the platform during a private presentation.  

“It’s insane the amount of stuff that this thing can do, it’s crazy,” he said.

Adam, who acts and writes in Hollywood, started his professional career in theater while working as a bodyguard and protection specialist. When he wrote Man Down, he said he didn’t know much about traditional screenplay formatting or working with Final Draft and had used free software to write the original screenplay. “It was a nightmare to reformat and make changes,” he said, adding that SoCreate would help solve so many formatting challenges that might stop a new screenwriter from even starting.

“It completely blew me away. It’s very user-friendly. You’re instructing somebody in the screenwriting process, without teaching them in the traditional sense.”

Adam’s current projects include Point Blank (post-production), for which he wrote the action thriller screenplay for Gaumont Films and Netflix, and The Raid, which he co-wrote with filmmaker Joe Carnahan based on the popular cult Indonesian film of the same name.

For future projects, he said he can’t wait to get his hands on SoCreate.  

“It’s amazing. It’s incredible. It takes a lot of the labor, and the things that are tedious, this gets rid of a lot of those steps and the reasons why people procrastinate,” he said, adding that the software would motivate him to write.  

“If we give these kinds of tools to the masses, it just makes it so we have more stories and we have more collaboration. So, the stories get better, the art form gets better, the medium gets better. I love it. I would want to get into that software as soon as possible.”

Do you also want the earliest possible access to the SoCreate platform? Be sure to sign up for our beta list to be the first to know when SoCreate is available. Beta trials are on track to launch in 2019.

Big thanks to Adam G. Simon for stopping by SoCreate to see what we’re all about. It was a pleasure meeting you, and we’re looking forward to the first film you create with SoCreate software!

Courtney Meznarich, Director of Community Outreach