We recently caught up with screenwriter Ross Brown at the Central Coast Writers Conference. We wanted to know: What’s his best advice for writers?

Ross has an accomplished career, with writer and producer credits on a number of movies and TV shows including:

Step by Step (screenwriter)
Meego (screenwriter)
The Cosby Show (screenwriter)
Kirk (screenwriter)

He currently imparts his knowledge on eager writing students at Antioch University, Santa Barbara as the Master of Fine Arts Program Director for Writing and Contemporary Media.

View his full filmography at IMDb.


“The only tip that really matters for writers is you have to write and keep doing it! The only way you get better is by practicing. This is something you want to do, so you get to do it. Let’s say you want to be a production designer, you can’t just go do that on your own. Writing … you can do it. It’s as close to free as it can be because most everybody has a computer already anyway—or at least a pencil and a piece of paper and stuff like that.

Yes, you’re going to question whether you’re using your time well, or whether anybody’s going to care about hearing your stories, or whether you’re any good at it. We ALL ask those questions, so welcome to the club.”