SoCreate sat down with a panel of respected screenwriters at the Central Coast Writers’ Conference to discuss agents: how does a screenwriter get one?

Weighing in on the topic – shown in the video below – is screenwriter Peter Dunne (CSI, Melrose Place, Nowhere Man, Sybil), Doug Richardson (Die Hard 2, Hostage, Money Train, Bad Boys), and Tom Schulman (Dead Poets Society, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Welcome to Mooseport, What About Bob). We were thrilled to get access to these accomplished writers to extract knowledge from their years of industry experience.


Peter Dunne (PD): “The script is not the product. You are.”

Doug Richardson (DR): “Most of the money I’ve made in screenwriting has been based on the stuff that I wrote that I didn’t sell.”

“Agents love new.”

Tom Schulman (TS): “[Agents] are looking for you!”

DR: “”Oh, I got the next big thing.” They love new! They love that no one knows about you yet.”

TS: “There is no age on the title page next to your name on a screenplay.”

PD: “They may see that you’re a clever writer and you can handle a lot of things. They can sell the writer. The script is not the product. You are!”