So, we have our winners! And you writers did not make this an easy choice. Your screenplays were so well done, hilarious, and most importantly, you crammed all that good stuff into a single page. Incredible! 

More than 500 people entered their one-page comedy screenplays about the life of a writer in our first ever SoCreate “Get Writing” Screenwriting Competition. We read scripts from India, Tanzania , Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Greece, Tunisia, Portugal, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Egypt, France, Denmark, Zimbabwe, Russia, Peru, Philippines, Barbados, New Zealand, Finland, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Italy, China, Nigeria, Germany, Indonesia, South Africa, and the USA.

Our team narrowed down the entries to 100 SEMI-FINALISTS then 25 FINALISTS. Then expert screenwriters Doug Richardson (Hostage, Bad Boys, Die Hard 2) and Jeanne V. Bowerman (Editor at Script Magazine and Writer’s Digest, Slavery by Another Name) scored the top 25 to give us our TOP 6. The winner gets a new laptop & SoCreate “Get Writing” Writer’s Kit, & our runners-up also score a Writer’s Kit!

And those winners are:

Chris DudleyWINNER - “Demotivated” By Chris Dudley A writer’s internal battle against the distractions in his mind lead to a humorous encounter with various personality traits. *Adult content. Subject may not be suitable for children.*

Marie D. Jones1st RUNNER-UP - “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends”By Marie D. JonesA woman defends her screenwriter husband’s choice to take on a sexy female writing partner. *Adult content. Subject may not be suitable for children.*

Nishika Agarwal2nd RUNNER-UP - “Cau Café”By Nishika Agarwal An aspiring writer works on character development, but somehow keep writing the same description.

Emil Gallardo3rd RUNNER-UP - “Writer on the Ledge” By Emil GallardoA hopeless writer is close to giving up when he’s visited by someone who might save the day.

Theresa Drew4th RUNNER-UP - “The General Meeting”By Theresa Drew A woman attempts to convince a producer that she’s the one for the job, while battling internal voices.

Zach Fortney 5th RUNNER-UP - “SoCreate 1 Pager”By Zach FortneyA young screenwriter finds himself at the center of his story, controlling one of his grumpy characters. *Adult content. Subject may not be suitable for children.*

The following screenwriters placed in our Top 25:

“A Writer Walks Into a Grocery Store” by Allison Orr Block

“Secondhand Avocado” by Brian Duskey

“The Bus Writer” by Jeanna Overstreet

“The Genre” by Earl Martin

“Ella vs. The Robot” by Phil Oxnard

“How to Microwave a Turtle” by Rob Jacobson

“Feedback” by David Keeling

“Once Upon a Page” by Debbie Castanha

“Don’t Be So Dramatic” by Anna Grajales

“What You Know” by Cote Bellard

“The Crusade” by Hannah Carlson

“Internal Struggle” by Matthew Harrison

“The Hardest Thing About Being a Writer” by Theo Sariklis

“FPPE” by Arthur Wasem

“Producer’s Notes” by Branden Grode

“The Starless Midnight” by Eric Thompson

“Save the Pitch” by Hillary Burgoon

“Collusion” by Kevin Wines

“Even Gods Make Mistakes” by Steve Wisniewski

“The Nightly Duels of Tirefoot vs. Shardz” by Eddie Encarnacion

“The Chair” by Mary Farmer

“Rejection Goals” by Victoria Brooks

“A Perfectly Functional Family Christmas” by Nicholas ad Katharine Clark Gray

“Slow Down” by Peter Carlos

“The Roommate” by Christopher Gross

Thank you to every participant for putting in the time and effort, and special thanks to our judges Jeanne and Rich for taking time to read so many entries. Our first ever contest was a huge success!

We love writers,

Your friends at SoCreate.