We are looking for passionate security professionals that want to contribute to web software that takes center stage for all to see and experience.

You will be responsible for promoting, designing, and evaluating application security in all phases of the development life cycle and will be on the cutting edge of defining how to do security right in a continuous-deployment, cloud-based environment. Do you love both building secure software and finding ways to break it?

So, Create it with our team

  • A small group..."all for one, one for all".
  • You will be cast in a leading role, playing an important part in driving the direction and architecture of our software and company.
  • We are breaking ground on new web UX and application architecture never done before.
  • You will be part of the team that will shake up the very foundation of the screenplay writing industry and help empower everyone with an idea to tell great stories regardless of boundaries or old world rules.

Software to change the world

We know, we get it. As an individual with software security engineering skills you have opportunities to build anything. But which of those things involve reaching and impacting millions, even billions of people across the globe? Our software platform does.

We looked at an industry our team was passionate about, motion pictures and digital video content, and thought, the planet is filled with potential story tellers that are having their voices oppressed by old world politics. We need to open the door of opportunity for them. So, create it by building a better screenplay writing software platform for writers, one powered by cloud technologies and written in bleeding edge front and back end web frameworks. And find the best of the best to push the bits from imagination to reality.

Come help us launch our start-up without the risk of a typical start-up. We did it right! Instead of trying to find funding, we earned our funding. Now we are set, our funding is secure, and we have the ability to drive this start-up the way we want to. Do you want to come drop the hammer and step on the throttle with us?

Job Description

This is a job where details matter, and there are a lot of details, including all of web security, mobile security, cloud security and software security. You must be able to tell the difference between a big problem, a minor weakness, and a false positive. You must help developers understand security concepts and security practices. You need to be friendly but uncompromising when it comes to getting security right.
Take those software security engineering skills you currently have, come learn and expand upon them with us as we push the very fabric of what a web application can be forward into the future. You will help us build a future facing software platform, encouraged to embrace cutting edge and do away with legacy support. We are looking for individuals to invest in our journey and in return we will invest in their careers. Become a member of our SCRUM team and get the opportunity to contribute to all elements of our application, from front end to back end, deployment and optimization.

Skills & Requirements

Desired Skills & Experience:

We are looking for passionate security professionals that are driven to solve complex security challenges, push their skills, and learn new ones.
You have:

  • Working knowledge of applied cryptography (standard patterns, avoiding common mistakes).
  • In-depth knowledge of HTTP and HTTPS, web security issues, including the OWASP Top 10 and remediation techniques.
  • Experience in application vulnerability assessment, both at the design and implementation level.
  • Familiar with static code analysis and penetration testing tools.
  • Strong ethics and understanding of ethics in information security.

These things are helpful, but ultimately we are looking for individuals that love security and cryptography and have a drive to pursue excellence in the skill set and technologies that power the craft. Our team is made up of self-educators and collaborators. We want to grow that. We want to teach and learn from fellow developers. We want to battle together, and conquer together. We'll have your back. Want to come help get ours?

5 Reasons Why You Want to Work with Us:

  1. You want to work on the latest web technologies instead of just reading about them.
  2. You want to work on a software platform that will grow into a billion dollar business, redefine an industry, and help millions of people create content across the globe.
  3. You want to be a member of a family, not just a part of a team.
  4. You want to influence the direction of the company, the solutions it develops, and the development lifecycle.
  5. You want the opportunity to "get in early" and secure a long-term place in the next big tech blockbuster.

Apply Today

To apply, please send résumés to: Careers-SecurityEngineer_www@SoCreate.it

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